A small excerpt from “Knowledge necessitates action” by Al Khateeb Al Bagdadi

Ibn Al Mubarak said: “There was a wealthy man, and every time he heard of a scholar he would go to acquire knowledge from him. So he heard there was a scholar in a such and such place so he boarded a ship to go to him.”

On the ship was a woman; she said to him: “What is your pursuit?”

He replied: “I am possessed with the love of knowledge, so I heard there is a scholar in such and such place, thus I am going to him.”

She said to him: “Each time your knowledge increases do your actions increase, or does your knowledge increase while your actions are at a standstill?”

So the man took heed, and he returned and began to perform actions.

Taken from the book: “Knowledge necessitates action” by Al Khateeb Al Bagdadi with research and checking by Shaykh Al Albani

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

عن ابن المبارك قال: “كان رجل ذا مال لم يسمع بعالم إال أتاه حتى يقتبس منه فسمع أن في موضع كذا وكذا عالما فركب السفينة وفيها امرأة فقالت: ما أمرك يا هذا قال: إني مشغوف بحب العلم فسمعت أن في موضع كذا عالما آتيه قالت: يا هذا كلما زيد في علمك يزيد في عملك أو تزيد في علمك والعمل موقوف فانتبه الرجل ورجع وأخذ في العمل

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