Are madrasa education producing terrorists? Let me check that!

Many people (specially media) blame Madrasas (the Islamic education centers) for the increase in the count of terrorists. They say that the Madrasa education turns a person into a terrorist or a killing machine! I have been hearing this from many for the past many years. Although loads of explanations can be given to disprove this, like asking which Madrasa did Hitler attend 🙂 etc, wouldn’t it be better if we ourselves visited  and checked em out?

Well, this month inshallah i will be traveling to one of the well known “Madrasa”, Jamia Darusalam of Oomerabad. Its located in Vellore district of Chennai, India. I am going to spend about 3 months in this Madrasa (Islamic university). I think this amount of time shall be more than enough to analyze and know the reality of these universities.  During this time, i can extensively interact with Madrasa students. I would also be taking up a course in Islamic studies to know what is taught there (and of course to increase my Islamic knowledge).

Let me see if there is any course offered by them on “How to become a terrorist” 🙂 🙂 🙂 [Hey FBI, I am being Ironic, That was a joke, don’t get serious ;-)]

Will keep you all posted! inshallah.

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  1. AOA

    Madrasas are blessing of Allah and assests of Islam. Without Madreasas, one can not learn about Islam. It is just propaganda agasinst Umma. Needs to learn and follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammad SW,

    Jazak Allah

  2. I want to ask which madarsa student found in terrorist activity. The Bagwa terrorist, who are core responsible for Malegoan, Ajmer, Macca Masjid blast are they student of Madarsa… Shame of the people who hate madarsa.

    Madarsa is place from where we uplift the moral, social status of the man with nominal fees ( almost negligible amt) or almost free education. I want to ask which collage or university will give free education, lodging n food for several yrs??? Yes this can be done by madarsa only.

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