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The Message of Islam and its Universality and Purpose Allah sent Muhammad (peace be upon him) with the true way of worship of Allah and the complete code of law which provides mankind with the most honorable life and takes them to the highest degree a human being can attain. In a period of about twenty-three years, the Prophet (peace ...

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Various Branches of Knowledge compiled by Al-Alamah Sadeeq Hasan Khan

The Various Branches of Knowledge Compiled by Al-Alamah Sadeeq Hasan Khan (1307H) “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge” Surat Taha (20): 114 Knowledge of Usul Ad-Deen: This topic deals with the Aqeedah of the Muslims. It places a strong importance on Allah’s existence. Some scholars have titled this study, “Fiqhul Akbar”, while others call it Tawheed and Sifat. Knowledge of ...

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