Arabic Text (matn) of Usool ath-Thalaatha (as-salasa)

The Three Principles (Al Usool Ath Thalaathah) by Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhaab, coveres the three questions we will be asked in our graves once we die: “WHO IS YOUR LORD? WHAT IS YOUR RELIGION? WHO IS YOUR PROPHET?” Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaan said in his explanation of the book: “So before us is this treatise – the treatise “The Three ...

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Difference between Student of knowledge and Scholars of Islam

Assalamalaikum, Dear readers, Sorry, this one is exclusively for my Muslims readers. 🙂 One of the greatest fitna of the present times is that a person with half knowledge, begins to give fatawas on Islam without observing any limits. There are thousands of young Muslims who (without proper knowledge) are now issuing self made fatawas on various issues of Islam, ...

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Ramadhan Pics from Around the Globe

With the beginning of the month of Mercy, Muslims around the world have started preparing for it, celebrating its arrival and getting ready for fasting. Here are some of the pictures of Muslims from various regions of the world, getting ready for the month of Ramadhan. Click Here to know Best ways to prepare for Ramadhan Click Here to learn ...

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