Does Detroit Mosque attack justify usage of terms “Christian terrorist” or “Christian terrorism”?


First of all apologies my dear christian readers incase you find the title of this article offensive as i used the term “Christian terrorist” in it. Well, i don’t believe that any person having faith in God can ever become a terrorist. However, i am forced to mention this term because the mainstream media seems to be biased in relating such acts done by Muslims to Islam and call it Islamic Terrorists thus emphasizing that Islam is the cause for the act. So i believe if that holds good, then the term Christian Terrorist holds good in this case. Let’s be fair!

Well surely, the main stream media missed out (really missed out??) in reporting this event that took place in Detroit, USA recently.

A terrorist tried to blow up the largest mosque in Detroit by driving into it with a vehicle fully loaded with explosives. This person drove from California to Detroit and ended up resting in a Bar where while drinking, revealed his plan to harm the Mosque. A Bar employee followed him and noted down his license plate number and called the Detroit Police immediately. This person was later identified as Roger Stockham who is aged 63. He is a Christian who wanted to harm the Muslims.

Check the news reported by RT news below:

[vsw id=”GNq-SX8Uhug” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Did we hear this news anywhere in the main stream media? Did BBC, CNN or fox news report this? Gosh, their employees have become really lazy now a days. is it? Oh no! They wouldn’t report this news and hence it was quickly swept under the carpet. But why? It is because in this attack a Christian was involved! The history of these media houses reveal the dark side of their biased approach towards reporting news. If this terrorist act would have been committed by a Muslim, the entire news media would have flashed the terms “Islamic Terrorism” or “Muslim terrorist”.

For those who say he was only suspected let them know that this man was sent on trial and convicted of the act he was caught in.

Christian Terrorist

Roger Stockham, aged 63


Allah knows how many more incidents have been systematically brushed away by these biased media houses. So if this act was committed by a Christian, would the term “Christian Terrorism” hold good?

Nay, Islam does not allow us to give unfair and unjust nicknames to other people or other religions. It teaches us to report things in its right perspective without being biased to anyone including Muslims. There are some amongst Christians, Hindus and Muslims who try to justify the killing of innocents. I call them the lunatics of humanity who have sick mind and require urgent help.

I wish there was a perfect Islamic news Media house from where we could get reliable news! I wish!

Waiting for your comments people! 🙂

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  1. Waleykum Assalaam! Mir Bhai,
    If possible please do keep us updated about the trial updates we would like to what does the American government’s outcome is because we all know we wont get these news in the front pages and from the BBC or CNN.
    Jazakallah Khair.

  2. assalamo alaikum
    i too wish what u wish…

    By d way still wating for ur review of dr zakir naik oxford speech..

  3. The guy described himself as a Muslim, saying he converted in the 1970s. Can we now call him a Muslim terrorist?

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