Does smile on dead person’s face indicate his good ending?

A similar question was asked to Shaykh Muhammad Al-Wassabi as given below:

Question: Is The Smile On The Face Of A Dead Person An Indication Of Husn Al Khatimah (I.E. Good Ending Of One’s Worldly Life)?

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Wassabi :

Husn al-khatimah has been mentioned in various hadiths. So we should rely solely on what was reported from the Messenger (sallahu alahi wasallam) regarding it and should not add to it based on opinion. From the opinion-based signs of husn al-khatimah is the dead person being light. Some people consider this to be from husn al-khatimah— that his body was extremely swift and easy (when carried) over people’s shoulders. This is not a proof. It might be because his body is lean, yet knowing whether or not a person’s actions are righteous is something else.

Ok then what if his body were fat? Would it be said that this is from su’ al-khatimah (i.e. evil ending)?

Pay no attention to this. Husn al-Khatimah is when (a Muslim) dies while fasting, performing haj, praying, doing jihaad, when he dies upon a good ending, upon a righteous deed. In this case, you say: Maashaallaah! Wishing him good but not affirming Paradise for him. Conversely, su’ al-khatimah is when one dies while not praying (i.e. abandoning prayer), (visiting) a sorcerer, while drunk, or committing robbery or any forbidden act. However, affirm for him neither Paradise nor Hell.

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