Fire broke out after a blast near Masjid un Nabawi in Medina

Today, fire broke out after we heard a blast explosion near Masjid un Nabawi in Madinah just before the start of Magrib Salah.

We had just arrived to the masjid, parked my car and came up to the Masjid. It was iftar time and the adhaan had just sounded. After breaking our fast, as we were preparing for magrib salah, a loud explosion sounded from the building just outside the Masjid boundary wall. This is towards the Rawdah side, near Baqi, towards the 1 number parking/toilets.

The explosion was followed by thick black smoke emerging from the building that is close to boundary wall of Masjid. We then heard sounds of sirens as police, ambulance and firefighting team arrived.

The Salah then started and we offered the magrib salah. After salah, we saw that the smoke had increased and the entire sky was blackened with smoke above and around the building.

The entire street and connecting streets were cordoned off immediately. We are yet to receive any news about causalities and the reason for the fire or blast.

Different reports are coming in like maybe it was suicide bomber, cylinders blast, electric short circuit fire etc.

May Allah protect those who were in and around that place!

Below are some of the pics taken by me and others:




Update to the article: Official News about the incident on Arab News below:

JEDDAH: Suicide bombers blew themselves up in Qatif and Madinah after sundown on Monday, several hours after Saudi security officers foiled an attack near the US Consulate in Jeddah.

In Madinah, a bomb exploded in the vicinity of a police post outside the Prophet’s Mosque, killing four policemen and two civilians, reports said.

A police source told Arab News that the officers manning the post were having their iftar meal when the suicide bomber struck.

The bomber reportedly asked to join the policemen in having iftar and he was welcomed. As soon as he got near, he exploded his suicide vest.

A video circulated on social media showed a car burning and at least two security officers were seen lying on the open ground and two others lay crumpled near a burning car.

Security forces have cordoned off the Prophet’s Mosque and worshippers were not allowed to get in or out.
Madinah Governor Prince Faisal bin Salman arrived at the blast location and visited Al Ansar Hospital where the victims of the blast are being treated.

In Qatif, a governorate in the Eastern Province, two suicide bombers blew themselves up one after the other outside the Faraj Al-Omran Mosque. No casualties were reported.

The number of fatalities reported does not include the three suicide bombers.
Earlier Monday at 2:15 a.m., a suicide bomber blew himself up near the US Consulate when security officers confronted him as he moved suspiciously at a parking lot of the Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital.

Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, said the bomber, in his 30s, was identified as an expatriate from the United Kingdom.

Photos taken from the scene showed the bomber’s body partially dismembered by the blast.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks so far. Previous mosque attacks in the past months in the kingdom have been claimed by Daesh militants.


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