Is it permitted to dispose CDs or tapes containing haram Nasheeds

Question: “Is it permitted for me to break or delete those CDs/cassette tapes which contain Nasheeds and Naats?”

Answer: Praise be to Allah!

If it is your property, then you can break or delete them or do what you want with them. However if it is someone else’s property and you find “shirk and haraam things” in the naats and nasheeds, then advise the person to throw it away. You cannot break someone else’s property even if it haraam because this may lead to violence which may cause greater damage like loss of life. One must weigh the two evils and choose lesser evil if there is no good to choose from.

But if you are sure that by disposing them the person who owns it wont come to know, then you should dispose them.


(Abu Isaam Imran Ali)

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