Latest BAN Fashion – Dr Zakir Naik now banned in Canada too!

Assalamalaikum (Peace be upon you), Dear Readers!

Even my four year old son doesn’t get scared when he sees his friends scared! Rather he tries to analyze the thing that is scaring everyone. 🙂

As expected, the moment UK issued a ban on Dr. Zakir Naik from entering it, its allies have started to blindly follow its path. This time its Canada which has imposed a ban on Dr. Zakir Naik’s travel  for the upcoming Peace Conference which is scheduled to be conducted in Toronto.

Check news here: Dr Zakir Naik banned from entering Canada

Dr. Zakir Naik

Actually its not just Dr Naik, many other speakers have been banned from entering USA, Canada, UK and Australia in the past few years. Abdur Raheem Green, a renowned speaker in the western world, also known as “the Jesus”  🙂 (he looks just like the so called pictures of Jesus) was denied Visa in 2005 from entering Australia since a government official wrongly accused him of delivering “Hate Speeches”. Imagine the state of affairs, just one man accuses and a respected Islamic speaker gets banned!

Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Bilal Philips, Abdura Raheem Green, Imaam Ragaeh, Abdullah Hakim Quick, Khalid Yasin ……the list of Islamic speakers who are banned in various countries is endless.

I was wondering that if you analyze the history of Islam, Muslims always fell in trouble when their own brothers betrayed them. There are hardly any instances where Non Muslims gave trouble to Muslims all alone. This rang a bell in my mind. So i did a little research to see if this latest “BAN Fashion” has black sheeps from Muslim community too or not. Finally i got the answer to this question: Is it just the Non Muslims who have conspired to ban these eminent speakers?

Absolutely not! We have many so called Muslims involved in helping the governments issue these bans. For example, Tarek Fatah, the founder of Muslim Canadian Congress gave his statements saying “They appear to be competing against each other in their level of hate, and Zakir Naik was the star performer”. Then there is another one from India, Maulana Amanullah Raza, president of the All India Aimma-e-masajid council said “Naik and writers Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin all come in the same category — they all protect terrorism.

Furthermore, The statements of the Bareilwis and their rejoicing the UK ban of Zakir bhai, is yet another clear testimony against their sense of justice, truthfulness and understanding of the religion. They are in forefront to support such bans only because these speakers don’t agree to some of their beliefs. Gosh, these fools don’t understand that the issue of ban on these eminent and fearless speakers is because they are speaking against the oppression of the Zionists on Muslims around the world! When will these people grow up to understand the real essence of an issue?

Ebrahim Tahil, another cartoon from India who is also the member of the Raza academy said “He (i.e. Dr. Zakir) earlier targeted Christians and is now against Sunni Muslims. We have met with RR Patil and KL Prasad urging them to ban the programme.” He added, “We want to know from where Naik gets his funds?”

Therefore, my analysis turned out correct. There is a chunk of Muslim support to such bans without which the Non Muslims can never dare to take such step. Although we cannot term any one hypocrite directly as commanded by our Prophet (Pbuh), yet i would like to remind the readers that if you read the Seerah (life) of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), you will see that such people were present even during his time and they were the cause of major harm to him. Such people were termed as “Munafiqs” (Hypocrites)

My dear Muslim as well as Non Muslim readers, be just and truthful in your approach to anything in Life. Do not take a stance on anything just because someone said it. Rather, try to analyze the case and then decide yourself. If you do not get enough evidences to analyze, its better to keep silence. If you all are really honest, truthful and just, then check out what these speakers really say in their speeches in context and then decide whether such bans are good or do they go against the basic right of “freedom of expression and speech”!

Allah commands, “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety; and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do.” [Al-Quran 5:8]

May Allah guide us to the right path.

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  1. munafiqcanadiancongress

    “western women are more susceptible to rape” – Dr. Zakir Naik

    “If Osama bin Laden is terrorizing America, I am with him” – Dr. Zakir Naik

    “every muslim should be a terrorist!” – Zakir Naik

  2. actually I wasn’t officially banned from Australia, but the government at the time simply declared that there was an irregularity in the visa application. However the problems in fact were in my case also started by a “muslim” who complained about me to the government!

  3. dear brothers and sisters,

    from now on, it would not just be people like dr. naik or other scholars of Islam that would be turned away, rather any person who resembles like a “true muslim” in manners of appearance and speech would not be welcome to the “free world countries”…

    there has been hypocrities since the time Noah, Musa, Isa ibn Maryam and Muhammad (peace be on them) were prophets, and there is nothing you can do about it, just keep on doing the good work and dont lose hope from the Almighty…

    and since we dont have a Caliphate system of government, the general people do not have the authority to call anyone “hypocrite” or “mushrik”…

  4. Subhanallah; you got the bone of contention brother. As mentioned by you Raza-Academy and other pro-sufi organizations supporting the ban; infact these orgnizations have been making a great loss to Muslim community for ages.
    At the time of Saladin Ayyubi, when he was fighting the Christian crusaders; it took 2 years to defeat the crusaders, while it took 10-11 approx. years to fight the inner Hypocrites and Sufi crusaders.
    If events and incidents of Saladin Ayyubi’s period are read with rapport attention, you’ll find Crusaders would utilize Sufis to mis-guide Muslims from what Muslims were marching for. They would use them to mis-guide Muslims by showing them false miracles through Sufis.
    But eventually, the victory will be of truthful.

  5. Wow, never thought that the individuals mentioned in the post above would read it and post comments. Mashallah! That shows i am reaching people across the globe 🙂

    @munafiqcanadiancongress: Thanks brother for the links. You have made it even more easy for everyone to understand what Dr. Zakir Naik says on these issues. Any sane person who listens to the videos given in these links will understand things in the right perspective!

    @Abdurraheem Green: Thanks for correcting Brother. I have corrected the statement from “Banned” to “denied visa” where i mention about you. May Allah protect and preserve you between us inshallah.

    @Zahack & tarique: Yes, absolutely true. And it is so easy to recognize such people amongst Muslims. how? well if you listen to the videos of Dr Naik, any honest person will understand what he says. But there are these Muslims or some Muslims who understand things exactly as the Zionists.


    Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    Mashallah! That shows i am reaching people across the globe

    There is no doubt about it brother I hope wish and pray that May Allah bless you with a voice and vision which will reach all over.

    Jazakallah hu khairan katheera


  7. Dear Brother Imran

    Assalamu Alaikum.

    Please keep posting your bloggers. I am silent reader. This message is to encourage you and also to show that there are lot of brothers and sisters reading your blog.


  8. Pride goes before the Fall!
    Its just a matter of time..this arrogance of minority bureaucrats of these countries ,which not in the least sense depicts the majority rationalistic thought ,will be suitably answered soon. Insha Allah.
    Nature is best!
    They banned the veil only to be cursed with H1N1 protective gear on their faces!
    They defied nature by feeding meat to cows and were cursed with Mad Cow disease!
    history is replete with such examples when arrogant liars and mischief mongers were quashed to doom!
    Again..just a matter of time.

    ‘O ye who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear Allah. that ye may prosper.’ [ Surah Aal Imran 3:200.]

  9. Can we do anything in response to this injustice done to Dr Naik?

  10. Dear Sir,

    True-Islam and terrorism are antonyms, in fact Islam hates terrorism. Prophet Mohammed was a full fledged brave-warrior who stood against falsehood and he never resorted to any kind of terrorism or terrorist tactics that are similar to sudden bombing or fear-based torture even on his most deadliest enemies. Only the most deluded and the cowards will resort to terrorism as a retaliatory solution to any given problem. When Zakir Naik calls for the terrorizing of the terrorists, it is like calling for the raping of the rapists, it takes us to no solution.

    Zakir Naik justifies his definition of terrorism by saying that a thief is terrified by a policeman, and so a police man is a terrorist to a theif. This is wrong. A policeman is only terrifying the thief not terrorizing. A policeman only tries to imprison the thief, and if evidence is provided before the court, only then is corrective measures taken. A policeman is not a terrorist to a thief. Similarly there is no terrorism in Islam, even when against the real terrorist themselves. Prophet Mohammed was devoid of the least amount of terror. He did not even terrorize the very woman that poisoned him. People used to throw rubbish on his face, yet he was a man of great patience and forbearance and he won many a hearts. This is true Islam. Such a great man he really was!

    Prophet Mohammed will never use terrorism to fight terrorism, he always used the truth along with a brave army of companions to fight the infidels only in a war of reason, code and self-defense in the way of the Truth before Allah.

    Once Ali, companion of Prophet Mohammed was at war, and he got into a fight with a very dangerous criminal, he finally overcame him and sat on his chest to kill him. The opponent spat at his face. Ali at once left him. Seeing this the man was very much surprised and asked the reason. Ali said, “I was killing you for God’s sake but when you spat on my face, my sincerity was endangered because of the personal feelings of anger.” Hearing this the man immediately submitted and asked repentance to Al-God. Such was the honor and code that these men of Mohammed had, even at the crucial moments of war.

    Whereas terrorism is akin to a mad stupid man jumping from behind a bush, stabbing, bombing and shooting an unaware person at random to cause a state of fear all around. Mohammed will never support such cowardice. True-Islam and Terrorism are antonyms any day.

    Please to understand true Islam more… do visit this link
    ***No links allowed***


  11. Assalamualaykum
    May Allah(swt) bless u imran bhai for doing such a good analysis. Before reading your article i was in the same position that only Non-muslims were responsible in banning these great scholars but now i got my position right.
    Thank u Ali bhai for presenting us the clear facts and making us understand these issues in right perspective.

    Jazakallahu Khayran and Wassalam

    Mohammed Faqueem Ahmed

  12. No surprise….So now it is cleared that anti humanities elements are afraid by Islam.
    They are working under Israelis pressure.

  13. Assalamualykum to All Muslim Sisters and brothers

    First of all, I would like to tell sister Sifara that she did not used Peace n blessing be to our Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) when she meantioned his name. Sister Sifar u should say( P.B.U.H).
    Well i would say that who ever critisize Dr Zakir Naik is a hypocrite, there are no reason that Dr Zakir should be banned from Canada, banning him from Canada means they are terrorizing our religoin, because he did not said anything that againest the low of Canadian government, rather he teach us our true relgoin. He did not support any terrorist. Terrorist means that Who are terrorizing our right and freedom of Speech. Because of he teach and gives a lecture on religoin, does not mean that he support terrorist. WHO EVER APPOSS HIM AND AGANIST DR. ZAKIR NAIK, AND BELEIVE THAT THE BANNING IS RIGHT ARE THE HYPOCRITS.

    Hare are some quote from Qur’anfrom surah Al-Imran verse 103-104

    “And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah(i.e this Qur’an) and be not divided among yourselves and remember Allah’s Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace you became brethren(in Slamic Faith), and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allah makess His Ayat ( Prooofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc,) clear to you, that you may be guided.

    Let there arise out of you a group of people that inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining Al-Ma’ruf ( i.e. Islamic Monotheiytheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Munkar(polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). and its they who are the successful.”

    So as you see these verses from Qur’an,, What does Dr Zakir Naik did? He calls people to Islam, by telling people that our Qur’an is A word of Allah, making clear to people.

  14. Assalaamalaikum to one and all!

    Allah is always with the truthful.And we all are with Dr.Zakir Naik and our prayers too. To understand Dr.Zakir Naik’s speeches, one needs to have understanding and love for islam. People just with partial believes may not be able to justify him and his lectures.
    The governments who banned Dr.Zakir Naik knows themselves very well that he is a peace maker and he is a hindrance in their path to divert innocent people to wrong and blind believes.If they do not banned him then how can they succeed in their mission of spreading terrorism in the name of ”Freedom and Liberty” destroying the power of muslim countries taking their lives in the name of ”JUSTICE TO PEOPLE” waging wars killing thousands of innocent people.
    Allah is Great and seeing everything.We don’t have to be scared if we are truthful because truth stands out clear from falsehood.
    I have a strong believe in Allah that He will take out the solution for our beloved Brother Dr.Zakir Naik and shower His bounties and blessings on him with honour and respect in all the worlds Inshallah.

    If the hypocrites and nonmuslims make plots and plans against Islam and truth, let them know that Allah is the best Planner.
    We have no right to say about anyone whether they are good or bad, IT IS ALLAH TO JUDGE PEOPLE. but ALLAH has given us understanding to know what is good and bad and we can support those doing good to humanity in the ways prescribed by ALLAH to the best of our capabilities and prayers.
    I would like to say to Brother Zakir Naik that all true muslims and nonmuslims support and prayers are always with him.MAY ALLAH HELP HIM TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN HIS PEACE MISSION.AMEEN

  15. Assalam Alaikum! I am really upset after seeing this below video. They claim that Dr.Naik is wrong. They pose a fatwa on him. If so do they claim to say Quran is wrong. May Allah bless Dr.Naik and all the preachers of peace. May Allah bless u brother.
    ***No Links Allowed ***

  16. assalamualaikum
    zakir naik ka ban kiya jana bilkul galat hai insha allah is ka islam ko hi faida hoga kiyon ki islam woh pouda hai ki jis ko jitna kato ge utna hi woh ubhre ga wassalm

  17. Sir,

    I have found your postings by chance. I am a person of disillusioned faith who regards others of sincere faith as being better than I. I live in Mombasa in Kenya which is a place with significant Islamic influence and count many Muslims as my friends. I have no axe to grind with your faith.
    I have been trying to follow the issue of the exclusion of Dr Naik to seek understanding of the issues and in particular his teachings. I have no comment to make in that regard.
    But in some of the postings there is an element of essential truth which has been revealed and maybe should be understood. History shows that the downfall of any empire, ideology, supremacist organization or faith has within it the seeds of its own downfall. It is not the outsiders who destroy it because all can rally against them, but it is the dissenters, disillusioned, sectarians and plotters from within who cause weakness and ultimate failure. Many thanks

  18. Aselamwealeykum sisters and brothers in Islam and in humanity, banning a man who strives hard to make people understand Islam on the right perspective by removing misconceptions, fear, hatred among the peoples and who strongly promotes peace by condemning all forms of violence and bringing understanding amongst peoples of all religions is absolutely, unjust and inhuman,and this is done only by peoples who are in power and who wish to see
    innocent human beings suffer and the world to be highly divided, so that they will enjoy their seat by creating attention among the peoples of the world . so all brothers and sisters in humanity lets unite to fight injustice and violence made by UK on brother Dr.Zakir Naik for the common benefit of our world and to spread peace and justice to all human beings equally and we all belong to the one true God and our return is to him and lets not support injustice where ever it is and to whosoever is done.

  19. Bismillah Allrahman Alraheem
    Alsalam Alekum All Muslimeen.
    Dr. Zakir Naik Per Pabandi Lag ne se Un ko Koi Faida Nahi Hoga UK Ho. Ya Canada Ya koi our Mulk
    Allah Un Ka madadgar he. Afsoos Tu Ham Ku tab Hota he Jab Khud Musalman Kahlane Waly Hi Dr. Zakir
    ko Kafir Qarar Detye Hen Lanatullahi Minal kazibeen. Shram nahi Aati jo Shakhs Sirf Quran Our Sahi Hadees
    Ki Taraf Bulata He Us Ko kafir Hone Ka Fatwa Dety hen. Dr. Zakir naik Allah ka Bahadur Sipahi he. Us ki
    madad Bhi Allah hi karega. Dr. Zakir Naik Sirf Musalmano ko Hi Nahi Balki Gair Muslimon Ko Un K Deen K
    Bary Me Un Ko Batate Hen Jo Woh Loog Khud Bhi nahi jante hen. Allah App Sab Ki madad Farmai aameen.

  20. Dr zakir Naik not only invited non Muslims into Islam but removed misconceptions among Muslims also in a decent and convincing is the munafiks in the name of Muslims who are creating problems within and outside the country . i am watching regularly peace tv.and other islamic channels .Mashaallah other channels are also serving in a better way but i am the fan of peace tv and especially ZAKIR bhai because his answers are so convincing that i agree 100% with those .anyway dr sahab is on his mission and nobody is going to stop him as Allah is with him ups and downs are part of life and for zakir bhai these things hardly matter .
    Munafiks were in the time of Prophet Mohammad also and for time being they harm Islam a little but in the long run ISLAM flourished more and more and people accepted Islam throughout the world .
    I pray to Allah give him a long life to serve Islam as at the present juncture of time we are in need of such people who not only is working for the benefit of Muslims but for the benefit of whole humanity by quoting the verse of Holy Quran ” let us come to the common terms ——–”
    Our Non Muslim brothers also deserve love and affection as they are misled by some vested interests which is the need of the day as the prophet (SAW) was sent fot the whole humanity.
    Allah HAMAIN munafiks say bachayain Aameem Sum Aameen.

  21. Assalamwaleykum wa rehmatullahe wabarakatuhu
    Brothers and Sisters the biggest weapon that a MOMIN has his/her prayer and make Dua not against them but to give them hidaya.So that they can come righ path.Insha Allah Insha Allah it will be granted.

  22. Assalaam waliakum!!!

    Go on this link to find truth:

    First all we should understand what is entire chapter & for that we would have to do a deep-dive analysis WHY DR Zakir is barred from entering UK??
    WHY: He has been banned from UK for his dislike speeches wherein in one of his lectures he said all the Muslims should be terrorist!! (Go on this link to find truth: )
    At this time somebody who publicly says all the Muslims should be a terrorist should be behind bars but he is at liberty HOW & WHY Lets examine??
    Since fact is something else they are quoting Dr Zakir out of context ( Analysis: What Dr Zakir is commented in live public gathering verbatim & Go on this link to find truth: )

    If a Muslim sees a rapist, the rapist should get terrified, if a robber sees a Muslim he should get terrified. in this sense every Muslim should be a terrorist who terrorizes the anti-social elements of the society. For example when a robber sees a police man, he gets terrified, for the robber the policeman is a terrorist!

    Here can I say that UK Government is MYSTIFYING around with public specially with the people of UK & whole globe for that matter……….YES THEY ARE Question ARISES in attention WHY they are doing this RESPONSE: He was suppose to visit UK for a suite & I am not sure but may be Jewish GROUP have influence this judgment It is deeply regrettable the British Government has bowed to pressure from sectarian and Islam phobic pressure groups by preventing the entry of Dr Zakir Naik, who has been visiting and delivering talks in the United Kingdom for the past 15 years

    The videos posted by the media against Dr. Zakir Naik are false and out of CONTEXT. To clarify the real truth you must visit the following link and read properly from Top to Bottom. And to all those people who are writing comments against him didn’t even bothered to research properly. Then some of them says “Evert Muslim is not terrorist but all the terrorist are Muslims”

    So in this situation what is the mistake of DR Zakir…….WHY only harassing Muslims & No one sees this injustice….

    I would advise all the Muslims not to get hyper lets maintain peace, still we trust in judiciary system of UK & I am sure they would have to release ban but they are just buying time I don’t know why…..

    Above all ALLAH SUBHAMNAVU TAALA is testing all of us Muslims just pray & the situation would be alright in some days

  23. Hi All:
    It’s really funny! who calls whom ‘munafiq’. Wahabbis, for that matter Dr. Naik and his accomplices are the ugly face of Islam. Just look at the creation of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, history dates back to even less than a century. The members of today’s royal Saudi family (who were a very influential local clans at that time) collaborated with the Jews and Christians and helped the Ottomans (the last Caliphate of Islam) to fall. So the readers, you should understand that the Saudis are the greatest munafiqs of the recent time. The west and Americans have always been very straight forward and blunt that they would blindly support and protect Jews. Dr. Naik really does not need to visit West, all he needs to do is to visit the Middle Eastern countries and convince the leadership there to cut ties with the West, urge them to stand united and this will be the only way forward to win over Zionists and the conspirators of ISLAM. Now, many of you think that Dr. Naik will have the guts to stand high and criticize the Saudis?


    ***No Links Allowed***

  25. it will be very kind for the people to let everyone knows the opposition people who are against Dr Zakir Naik and all other speakers.So that in future we be careful from such Munafiq and in india or in any part of the worlds Munafiqin want to be on top of the Islam, thats why they show to the world , they are right and they have got more knowledge, if that is so they why don,t they come on the stage and do as Dr Zakir Naik does ” Everything he opens and it is upto the people to choose what is right and what is wrong.”

    Please write down the names of the people who are and who have been with the Kafir to attach the Islamic scholars, it will help the Muslim to be careful from such people in the future.

  26. it will be very kind for the people to let everyone knows the opposition people who are against Dr Zakir Naik and all other speakers.So that in future we be careful from such Munafiq and in India or in any part of the worlds Munafiqin want to be on top of the Islam, that’s why they show to the world , they are right and they have got more knowledge, if that is so then why don,t they come on the stage and do as Dr Zakir Naik does ” Everything he opens and it is up to the people to choose what is right and what is wrong.”

    Please write down the names of the people who are and who have been with the Kafir to attack the Islamic scholars, it will help the Muslim to be careful from such people in the future.

  27. Look at his video.
    ***No Links Allowed***

    Dr Zakir Naik sahib believes that a Non-Muslim should not be allowed to preach his religion in a Muslim country. Now i wanna ask Zakir sahib with all respect, as he is a respected scholar, how does he feel now. It hurt and burns. This is how Non-Muslims feel when you don’t allow them to build churches and Propagate their religion.
    And Canada did a good job by banning a Scholar who is showing world a negative image of Islam. Which is not true Islam.

  28. Mohammed Zama Khan

    Let me clear a point brother, why they don’t allow preaching is because they will preach Shirk which is the biggest Sin in Islam, but according to the western world Terrorism is the biggest sin, or at least a great Sin , so they want such people not to preach in their country, that is a valid reason, for sure, but when He Dr. Zakir Naik is not a terrorist and also does not preach terrorism, “I am a Student of Zakir Naik and I am not a Terrorist”, so since he is not spreading hate speech, he should not be banned, i hope you get my point brother.

  29. am realy realy sorry to hear dr zakir naik the smarest man in the world (according to me) is banned to enter to uk. i believe naik was trying to invest peace in uk but a lady didnt understand naik’s aim.
    zakir is so a muslim man means follower of the religion islam .and Islam cant allow any one whether he is zakir or not to do any evil thing to muslims or non muslims so a far as zakir naik is the the man who knows the islam rule much better than almost all muslims and ptacticing it he can do no harm.
    i feel zakir is more important to the non muslim countires especially rather than to muslims.because there may be some so called muslimd who can hurt non muslims thinking they are pleasing ALLAH .and the honest and the nice muslim dr zakir naik teaches the muslims that ALLAH is not pleasing with their action .so such of his action and teaching of naik is investement of peace.
    may Allah dr Zakir Naik and all the other muslim scholars help them all to ptomote peace to the world.

  30. assalamualikum readers!
    i totally agree with mohammad zama khan! non-muslims cannot be allowed to preach in a muslim country Mr.kashif for the obvious reason that they will preach shirk! and shirk is unacceptable in “true islam”…hope you got the point!

  31. as salam mu aly kum dr zakir sab allaha is always help to you in shaallaha duran say truth will come lie is back always lie bonce back

  32. M.Abdullah shamsi

    Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

    As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu

    Mai pure shedat ke sath ye kahta hu ke hum ghair ko keyo ilzam de jab apne he saitan ke sathe bangay hai aj kitne so colled mulana ya mulvi hai jo khalish ALLAH ke leye kam kar rahe hai dhundne se shaid he koi melay pher wo kaise chahege ki koi serf ALLAH our uske RSUL ki bat kare ,Keo ki ye dhongi sara kam ALLAH ke naam se he apna karobar chalate hai (mutlab ALLAH aur RASUL per thomat lagana) ALLAH aur RASUL farmate hai QUARAN aur HADITH ko samajh ke padho aur ye kahte hai samajh ke padhoge to gumrah hojaoge,aur Bhai ZAKIR samjha raha hai to inko kaise pachega. Aap agar ISLAM ki histry dekhege to aap ko malum hoga ke mushrik log keya karty the::::: aur inka kam dhekhye kutch frrk hai Nahi na .ALLAH se dua hai ke ALLAH rasta asan kare AMEEN.

  33. dear brothers
    if insulting imam hussain(p.b.u.h) and also INSULTING THE HOLY PROPHET(P.B.U.H) is the islam and that has been the islam of the west from centuries and its legacy is carried on by zakir naik

  34. i think one reason behind band western countries afraid that Muslims will dominate and they know non Muslims are reverting to Islam but they cant stop this Allah greater then anything

  35. shame on them y ar thy so scared

  36. in every era whenever someone preaches truth he has got prevented ……. same thing happens to naik ……..

  37. I am sure one day Dr Zakir Naik will be disillusioned with Islam.
    One day he will go in for another faith/religion.
    One day the Muslims will thirst for his blood.
    This will happen soon.
    This is the law of nature.

  38. Jai Gurudev.

    I apologies for my comments dated 18 oct 2010.

    This was a reaction to the hate other religions propaganda by zakir naik.
    This is not the way to react. I am unable to face my gurus.

    I still feel that Zakir Naik is wrong. May Gurudev and God guide him to the right path.
    May he get inner peace. May all people in the world get peace in their own faith and religion.
    May the whole world know peace and prosperity.

    Jai KalaGuru, Jai Shirdi Sai Baba, Jai Gurudev.

    Apologizing once again.

  39. i love zakir naik

  40. Why cant this man go to the muslim dominated countries and teach them how to be good muslims, he can go to SOMALIA, UGANDA,SUDAN ,YEMEN,INDONESIA

  41. There is no problem listening to the likes of Zakir Naik when it comes to comparative religion but fiqh issues are a no no as he just is not qualified. His appearance is no way near the sunnah of the bloved habib mustafa Prophet Alahis-Salam. We must also check his background and where he has come from i.e. what school of thought etc. Don’t get me wrong I’m not propagating hate for Zakir Naik all I’m saying is we should never follow anyone blindly. We should check out why the majority of Muslims are against some of the teachings of Zakir Naik and also his funding i mean a simple Dr MBBS cannot get to where he is without any funding. These are the last days my dear brothers and sisters and we must wake up because we are becoming ignorant in times where we are having 2 eids and things are getting confusing. We need to hold onto the authentic tradition of 1400 years ago the true followers and martyrs of Islam. I also believe the English language is a major problem as information is getting fabricated i.e. who owns these publishing companies and what is published i.e. to then what you read your children read etc. We are becoming watered down as Muslims.

    I advise all dear brother sister and non Muslims to read a small book called confessions of a British Spy and think to how things have changed so much and is this what our beloved Prophet alayhis-salam wanted for his Ummah.

    I pray that all Muslims wake up to rise of the wahabi fitnah and start believing in the days that await if not us then our future generations because Isla Alyhis-salam will come and Dajaal will also propagate but it will be the bloodline of our beloved Rasool salalaaho alayhi wassallam that will bring back the ummah to guideance ameen and his name will be the same as our beloved Rasool salalaaho alayhi wassallam and His beloved parents alayhis salam and His the Mahdi. I’m not making this up as you know that the hadith is sahih and this will happen and the day of judgment is close. Alhumdulillah i am a pure sunni and not shia as you maybe wondering as I mention Imam Mahdi.

    Finally I think Zakir Naik is misguided and may Allah show him the light that our Prophet Salalaaho Alayhi Wasallam is Alive Hayaatun Nabi as Allah taala says in the Quran that it is Haraam upon the earth to eat the flesh of the Ambiya karaam and we should not say that Shuhada are dead its just that we don’t have the spiritual eyes to see we are being deceived by our physical eyes.

    Allah knows best

    Salams and sorry if I have offended anyone

  42. if doctor zakir go to UK or Canada he do not go for converting them to Islam rather than he solves or answers misunderstanding that arises in Islam or other religion


    I dont understand these people whether Muslims or non Muslims those who make false allegations on the Dr. Zakir naik without any proof. All the world knows about him and his trustiness in speeches, despite of this people try to stop him and his projects, thats why Allah mentions a sign in the Quran about such people that ” we have made a seal on their heart that they never come on the true path.

    Its an unjustifiable banned on the Zakir Naik to stop the prevalence of the truth anyhow Almighty promises that he shall make prevalence of his religion over all other.

  44. assalamu allikum
    pls brother. first you people watch all zakir naik video. then you speak he wright or wrong. my experience zakir naik speak 100% thru .he is change the life western region Allah give him more strong we pry to Allah.


  46. Dear brothers,
    Kindly note that Dr. zakir naik is not preaching his own words. he is saying the words of allah and way of life of Muhammadh SAW with the help of qur’an and saheeh hadheeds
    Kindly note that dr. zakir says in his speech “we are not gathered for asking my speech, but to ask and live good things from my speech”.
    if people spreading false propaganda about brother zakir they should explain their reasons with the help of qur’an ayaths and saheeh hadheeds, sure they cant.

    everything is clear, try to read and understand what qur’an says and how prophet SAW lived?

    it is sure that people mistaking Dr Zakir Naik must have not heard his full single speech.
    may Allah show us the right way

  47. I heard from somebody that Dr Zakir Naik is in a jail (under police control ) in Lucknow.Can anybody tell whats the actual fact?

  48. Mushrafat Abdulrahman

    Asalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,
    I am a strong fan of Dr Zakir Naik and i love him so much. I pray for him, his son, his family and all those who are striving in the way of Allah [swt] in enjoining what is good and forbidding what is the bad. I believe that what we the Muslim ummah need at this point in time is [prayer]. Saudi Arabia and most of the countries in the middle east are deviating away from the practice of Islam, i don’t think that we need to criticize them, rather, i believe we just have to keep on praying to Allah [swt] for guidance. As far as am concerned, the western countries and the Muslims that are behind the banning of Dr Zakir Naik can not stop Islam from spreading because Allah [swt] has promised in his glorious book that his deen will prevail over the surface of the earth so,whether they ban him or not, Islam will continue to spread and their so called ” Illuminati and Zionism” will loose [ insha Allah]. To Dr Zakir Naik, i hope he sees this period as a trying period in his life and a test from Allah [swt]. I pray for Allah’s guidance, protection, knowledge, wisdom and understanding for him and for every one of us. I also pray to Allah to guard our faith and make us not of those who will loose in this world and in the hereafter, i pray to Allah to make him , his family, and every one of us of those who will die not, except, in a state of eeman, as Muslims submitting to the will of the supreme lord. And lastly, one prayer that we should not cease from saying is in [surah Baqarah, verse 286] which reads “…………..anta maulana fansurna ‘ala liqaumi likafirin,” meaning give us victory against the disbelieving people.
    Ma salaam.

  49. Dear Zakir Naik childrens,

    Itz been clear from ur words dat u ppl had brought islam on zakir naik hand. Finally 1 more ban on his programme in Mumbra which is going to be start from 14th to 23rd.
    “ALLAH” (azawajjal) ka Azaab hi uspar jo yeh kehta hai k “Aaki Baaki Sant aur Babaon ko toh chhodo yahan tak ke “HUZOOR” (Salallahu ta’ala alahe wasallam) ko bhi Maanna humare liye haram hai aur unse mangna bhi”. Childrens alwaz supports der Father lyk u’ll did. “ALLAH” (azawajjal) se Dua hai k aisa aqida rakhne wale aur usko support karne wale ko wohi SAJA ho jo YAHUDIYON k liye hai.
    Keep ur Modern Islam wid u and we r very happy wid original Islam..

  50. I believe that Canada has not just followed suit after the UK. If one views the evidence that resulted in this decision. Mr. Naik’s remarks “Every Muslim should be a terrorist if he is fighting the enemies of Islam” but also states that killing of innocents is wrong. How does one terrorize without hurting innocents ?. He has shown support for the killing of apostates and even considers it wrong to wish people Merry Christmas. Is this the behavior of an educated scholar of comparative religion or a hate mongerer

  51. Assalamualaikum, Dear Brother Jaffar Shaikh, First of all welcome to my site, i am honored to have you here.

    Now regarding your comment above, I see your view resulting from either cooked up story that was given to you or due to misunderstanding. Either ways, it is important that we correct ourselves. Although i don’t involve myself in defending others as Allah knows well who is who, yet I felt bad when you alleged that Dr Zakir Naik says “Huzoor ko maanna hamarey liye haram hai”. What a clear lie this is. First of all shame on those people who spread lie and have feeded you with this lie. Dr Zakir Naik is a stammerer, he doesn’t even speak good urdu. The statement in question here is from a video which was recorded when his Urdu was pathetic and he used to speak Urdu-mumbai hindi mixture. He said “Huzoor sey Magna haraam hai”, he never said unko maanna (that is believing in him) is haraam. His word was “Mangna” (supplicating, seeking something from him), not maanna. Because he is a stammerer and his Urdu pronunciation is not good, it appeared “maanna”. This doubt becomes clear when you listen to his previous and later statements of the same lecture. This is what it was all about. Shame on those who present things out of context just to defame someone.

    There are a lot of lies being spread about this man unnecessarily. He is a human, he does commit mistakes, but his aqeedah is sound and he is on the aqeedah of Salaf us saliheen. Also, Nobody brings Islam on any other person than Prophet. So this statement is senseless that Islam is brought upon by people on Zakir naik.

    Moreover, he is our Muslim brother who has done immense work amongst Non Muslims in bringing them towards Islam. Why don’t you appreciate that? How can you be so unjust in judging him so much so that that you are sending laanat on him and praying that his condition should be like the jews who disobeyed earlier prophets.

    How can you forget that our beloved Prophet (pbuh) said to love every Muslim brother? Only Allah knows whether a person is not Muslim or has left Islam. As far as a person says he is Muslim, offers salah, has sound aqeedah, he is a Muslim. How can you send lanaat on a Muslim when Prophet commanded us to love each other?

    Zakir Naik is not error free. He is human and he is bound to commit mistakes. But you don’t look at few mistakes of someone and judge his entire life. How would it feel if someone did the same with you? This is not what Islam teaches us.

    I only hope that you reconsider your thoughts and direct it towards true way of dealing with mistakes of others and stop getting brainwashed by people who present things out of context and spread it to defame others. Original Islam is the one that Sahabahs (companions) of prophet (pbuh) followed. Anyone who follows them AS IT IS, is Original Islam. Rest all is MIS-lam.

  52. Assalamualaikum, Dear Brother Hassan, Welcome to my site and thanks for commenting on my article.

    Let me throw a little light on what you said in a hope that i may open your view towards that side which you might have mistakenly not seen. Why can’t one terrorize without hurting innocents? The reason why this doubt comes in your mind is because you are taking the definition set by the post 911 American led war on terror. According to them terrorist is a Muslim and this Muslim kills innocent. I would like you to direct your attention towards the dictionary for the word Terrorism. Police terrorizes the criminals, do you agree? Yes of course you can’t deny this. They fear police so much that they try their level best to do things by hiding from police. So Police is terrorizing the criminals, but does that mean they are killing innocents? NO, they are instilling fear in the hearts of criminals so that they stop committing the wrong they do. Similarly, when a Muslim terrorizes the enemies of Islam, he instills fear in them to stop doing wrong to Muslims and Islam and stops them from resorting to blatant lies just to defame Islam. It doesn’t mean killing innocents. Your comment appears to be more based on the brainwashed mindset, brainwashed by the west and its policies.

    Moreover, the scholar is the one who presents Islam as presented by the companions of the prophet (pbuh). A scholar isn’t the one who changes with time like that scholars of Christians and Jews who change the deen. For Apostasy, under Shariah ruling, the punishment is death. I reiterate, Under shari ruling. Those countries who follow Shari rulings, they have this punishment. Just like for drug trafficking, more than 47 countries issue death penalty. Why don’t you raise your voice there?

    Further more, Christmas is not proven anywhere in the bible. More over, the date on which Christ was born is different and cannot be 25th December. The proof is from bible itself. Also, Christians believe Jesus to be either son of God or God himself. This is pure blasphemy in Islam. Wishing Merry christmas means you are giving shahadah that Jesus, their God or son of God, was born that day. This is haraam in Islam. Come down to Madinah University in Al Madinah al Munawwara and i shall make you discuss the same with as many scholars as you wish inshallah.

    Hope I cleared your misconceptions. Kindly clear up your mind and ask the authentic scholars and gain more knowledge so that you can benefit Islam inshallah.

    Lastly, Your attitude towards Zakir naik will only give an advantage to the haters of Islam as they would use the comments of people like you and present it to people to defame Islam. We believe in prophet (pbuh) and anyone who follows that path in the right way is our brother. Leave aside human mistakes please.

  53. Assalam o Alaikum,
    It is matter of breavement and grief that a person who is trying people from fire of the hell has been banned. May Allah help Dr. zakir Naik give barkah in his life and effort.(Ameen)

    But similar bereavement is on the news that some Muslim brothers are happy over it. May Allah give Hidayat to all of us.
    It is matter of sorrow but not surprise. Here one group has been named but the matter of fact is that many of the speakers of the Muslim groups on you tube/Internet are involved in leg pulling and bashing business of other. Many a times with baseless allegation and made up lies. Everyone is suffering because of this groupism/leg pulling.The victim and offenders keeps on changing with time.The process remain same

    Ummat Pana/Ummat Hood is a word that is unknown now a days. Majority of Muslims has no concern about deen. At some places (ap70-80 %) are not offering even Salat. Some 10% has some concern about revival of deen.

    This 10% is our treasure.There is nothing wrong in Making organisation /jamaat for common cause rather good but groupism is worst thing.Groupism is a cancer.But very sorry to say that many of this 10% has become deep ridden in Groupism/bashing buiseness of other organisation.

    They are nurtured in a way thinking that if you blamed/criticising others you are doing a great work of Islam. They dont know ethics of disagreement.

    Brother Sister always keep Islam first. This is direct command of quran and Hadith All the well wisher of Ummat e.g Allama Iqbal in Jawab e Shikwa,Muft Shafi Usmani in book Ummat e Wahdat,Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan after coming from Malta, Maulana Ilyas in his Malfoozat,Maulana Yusuf in Ummat Hood (the last talk of his life), Maulana Abul hasan Ali Nadvi in many books,Sheikh Abdullah Ibne Baaz,Mufti Ibraheem Desai,Sheikh Salih Uthaimeen and Mufti Taqi Usmani…… in many fatawa and Talk,Maulana Salman Nadvi in peace conference Bombay organised by IRF (Dr. zakir Naik Organisation) Maulana Saad of Markaz Nizamuddin in book Priceless Advice In the word of Dr. Israr Ahmad (firqa bandi ek ghun hai jo ummat andar se khae ja raha hai) Groupism is a disease that is eating ummat strenth from within.and list is countless. Brother/sister please stop from groupism. (Jazakalah for source from which comment was compiled)
    May Allah help Muslim.

  54. Asalamu alikum bro. Imran Ali. I have a query, U labeled Dr zakir naik as Salafi. wouldn’t it be better if we call ourselves Muslims rather than Salafies???

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