My first Umrah

Assalamalaikum (Peace be upon you), Dear Readers

I just completed my first Umrah! Alhumdulillah.


On my way to have my head shaved after Umrah

The day finally came when i ventured out on Umrah and visited the most sacred place for Muslims in the world, The Glorious Kaba. I always wanted to be there, but circumstances in my life never allowed me to go. Or rather i should say the time had not come for me to visit the Holy city of Makkah until now.

I know a lot of you wonder that I, being a daee (preacher of Islam), did not pay visit to Makkah and Madinah and hence did not do my Umrah and Hajj till now. Although i traveled to quite a few countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai etc; but Saudi Arabia was always left out for some reason. Honestly, i tried quite a few times, but something or the other happened and i couldn’t go. Once i had planned completely, but my vacation got cancelled.

Later i also had my Umrah visa stamped for the same, but then due to an emergency i had to cancel it again. Similarly, for Hajj me and my mother applied through the government quota for three consecutive years, but we did not get selected for it. There were many instances when i tried, but i just couldn’t make it.


Truly, the time has to come for one to complete a particular obligation like Umrah or Hajj. And the time finally came when i ventured out on the path of Knowledge to Madinah. My Journey of knowledge took me first to Makkah (Mecca) on Umrah and then to Madinah (Medina).

I arrived in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The very next week i ventured out on Umrah to Makkah. There are several ways to reach Makkah, however i opted for a Bus. The Umrah bus leaves Riyadh on every Monday and Wednesday and brings us back to Riyadh by Friday night.

I took the bus from Riyadh which started probably at 4 pm on Monday. It took us 10 hours to reach Makkah. On the way, we stopped at Meeqat, that is at Taif which is the meeqat for those who go from Riyadh. I put on my Ihraam at meeqat and thus my Umrah began. The bus reached our hotel in Makkah at around 3 am in the morning, giving us time to get ready for fajr Salah at Kabatullah.

From the time I put on my Ihraam and as we approached the Holy city of Makkah, tears kept on rolling my cheek making my beard wet with it. There was a combination of feelings that i just couldn’t make out. I was very happy and excited about the Umrah, at the same time a fear gripped my heart that I am coming close to my Lord. I was wondering, how can a sinner like me present himself in front of Allah? I kept crying all the way with a strong belief that Allah will forgive all my sins which I might have done knowingly or unknowingly. I did not leave the opportunity of begging like a beggar in front of Allah for his mercy and crying like a small child for the thing I required the most, that is, the forgiveness of Allah. And Alhumdulillah, I feel content and happy while leaving this place and I am positive that Allah forgave all my sins in this Umrah.

 The moment we reached our hotel, I dropped my luggage in my room and immediately started off for the Masjid-e-Haram. It was a 10 minutes walk from the hotel to the Masjid. There was a big slope that i had to climb to reach the Masjid. As I started to descend from the slope, i could see the magnificent Masjid, the most beautiful view i ever saw in my life!

I wanted to finish the obligation of Umrah first. So without wasting time, I quickly started the process. After the Tawaaf, I offered the two rakahs near Maqam-e-Ibraheem and then hurried for Saee. I completed my Saee and thus completed my first Umrah. After this I just sat down infront of kaba, staring at it.


Shaved my head and back to Kabah

Someone told me that this is off season and not many people turn up for Umrah. But they were wrong. The rush was so huge that the Masjid was Packed with pilgrims. The most difficult part was coming close to the hajre-aswad (the black stone). Although one can just raise the palm towards it from a good distance, yet since it was my first Umrah, i wanted to touch it or more so kiss it.

As I started penetrating the inner circles of people doing tawaf trying to come close to the Black stone, i could feel my body getting squeezed like a tooth paste. Everyone were rushing to touch the stone. I had to use all my strength to penetrate deeper and reach the black stone. I reached it and fortunately kissed it. Now don’t ask me how i came out from there. 🙂

 The view of Kaba was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen in my life. Just staring at kaba gave me such a peace of mind and heart that i kept staring at it for hours. Then i stood up and offered Salah and made dua to Allah for all those who had requested me to make dua for them.

Rest of the days I spent completely in the mosque in Ibadah. On Friday, after Jumaa Salah, we started off for our return journey to Riyadh from Umrah. I did not feel like leaving from there, and wished I just stayed there for ever!

Alhumdulillah, now I feel great and content that I am a soldier of Allah, a Daee of Allah, and feel ever more happy to call people towards our true creator.

Note: I did not take more pictures because I use photography only for Educational and Dawah purposes. I wasn’t planning to take snaps, but it struck me at the last moment that adding few pics of my Umrah will encourage many youngsters to plan for this glorious journey (instead of traveling elsewhere and wasting money). Hence i could take only these 6 snaps from my cellphone. Sorry for that.

Hopefully, I complete my Hajj as soon as possible inshallah. Please pray for me!

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  1. JzkAllah Shaykh Imran Ali. Your article opened my eyes today! I was simply putting off my Umrah and Hajj for no reason and instead wasting my money on traveling other parts of the world for fun.

    Shame on me for the same. I will immediately plan for my Umrah if not Hajj. Thank you, thank you so much for opening my eyes! I will do dua for you, may Allah grant you highest level in paradise.

  2. Congrats on your first Umrah. i too completed my first Umrah in December 2010. I accepted Islam a month before in nov. there is nothing like kaba on this earth.

  3. Ask wr wbr.

    Brother Imran Ali, you remember me? I am your Dawah student, in 2009 Dawah batch. You taught me how to do Dawah and my life changed since then. nothing gives me more relief than spreading Allah’s message. my brother also wants to do training under you. please tell us when you will conduct next Dawah classes.
    congrats on your Umrah.

  4. @Younus Islahi:
    Waeeyakum. Nice to know that my experience encouraged you to plan your Umrah. All the best for the same. Also brother, the title “Shaykh” is given to either a highly knowledgable person or an elderly person. I am none of these. I am just a student of knowledge. I cannot even dream to take the title of “Shaykh”. 🙂

    @Joseph epathy: Welcome to the world of Islam. alhumdulillah. So whats your new name? and congrats on your Umrah too.

    @Fahad: are you fahad siddiqui? i am not sure but i am able to recall you a little. Sorry for the same, its been long time and you know i keep conducting Dawah workshops regularly and several students attend it. You can mail me or meet me when i am in Hyderabad inshallah. Sure, you can enroll your brother for the next dawah workshop that would be coming around in june.

  5. Salaam alaikum,

    May Allah accept your Umrah… to be frank, while I was reading your blog; your words
    “I kept crying all the way with a strong belief that Allah will forgive all my sins which I might have done knowingly or unknowingly. I did not leave the opportunity of begging like a beggar in front of Allah for his mercy and crying like a small child for the thing I required the most, that is, the forgiveness of Allah. And Alhumdulillah, I feel content and happy while leaving this place and I am positive that Allah forgave all my sins in this Umrah.”

    wallahi moved me to tears brother…. may Allah forgive us all and save us from the torment of grave, and hell.

    Brother, next time when you go, please remember me in your duas with a mention of my name.

  6. Salaam Alaikum,
    Taqabbalallahu bro.m too staying Saudi Arabia and alhamdulillah i perform umrah during Ramdhaan every year..It was amazing experience when 4years ago i perform hajj with my beloved mother..I cried during umrah alot for my sins which i done knowingly or unknowingly..
    Umrah help us to make strong in eiman and recall those glory of our pious sahaabas where they lived and struggled for Islaam.may Allah swt accept our good deeds and protect us from fithna.

  7. May Allah accept your umrah and may he bestow his blessings on you. ameen to that
    Do remember us in your supplications.

  8. muhammad zaigham

    assalamualaikum wr wb
    cogrates and i wish that allah accept your umrah
    ameeen ya rabbal alameeen

  9. salam
    Seriously ths one was really refreshing.Reminded me of my umrah last year in the month of Ramzaan…It was the most memorable moment of my life….But I was not as lucky as you to touch the black stone…Lookin forward to touchin it this Ramzaan Inshaallah …But I must say,,,even i kept crying all the way from Jeddah to mecca…Tears were simply rollin down at the thought that Allah had been so very grateful to me ,,,if it was not for him,,,,I wud not hav been there….n time spent bfore the Kaba was truly amazing…Never ever felt so much peace bfore…Mashaallah.But sadly,,,me got no pictures coz i simply did not feel like it….Anyways,,,,kindly do remember me in ur prayers that i be lucky enuf to spend every Ramzaan of my life in Mecca…..Jazakallah khair

  10. Mohammed Kashif Ahmed

    Assalaamualaikum Shaikh,

    Masha-Allah Mubarak….
    Really very happy for you….May Allah accept your Umrah and all you ibadah and May Allah give me and everyone the opportunity to perform Umrah and Hajj at a young age as He did to you….Ameen.
    As requested by Fahad even I want ot enroll Dawah Workshop, Please do keep me posted through email.
    Please do remember me and my Family in your prayers,

    Jazak Allahu Khairan

  11. Assalaamualaikum,
    Alhamdulallah, So my brother has joined the rank of hajis(umrah). Always reading your blog gives a refreshing effect in my otherwise very hectic and strenous life. May Allah accept your ibadah and grant his mercy on all of us and PPC team.

  12. Assalamu’alaikum,

    Mabrook brohter Mabrook. Please share with us the visit of Madinah munawwara too.

  13. Assalamualaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu Brother,

    I felt very happy for you. May Allah accept your Umrah. And forgive all our sins. It was an extraordinary feeling which i got while reading your blog. May Allah call me and my parents also to his place for Umrah.
    Please do remember me and my family in your prayers.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan,
    Faiza anjum

  14. Assalamu alaykum Imran bhai

    May Allah(swt) accept ur Umrah and forgive u for ur sins.
    Really an excellent article u have written about the importance of performing Hajj and Umrah.
    Pray for me Imran bhai so that i can complete my Hajj and Umrah as soon as possible.

  15. Dr. Habib U. Khan

    Brother Imran,
    Many many thanks and shukr to allah that I am leaving from New York to Saudi Arabia to perform umrah with my wife and four children. How I express in wors my feeling what i feel my self and leaving dunta behind.
    Brother two years back my beloved mother left me and meet allah and how I say how much I miss my mother
    I and my mother sleep in same room. She always wanted me to stay close infront of her eyes.
    Now I am going for Umrah and I will staying only for five days there but in these five days i want to spend my whole time in the Kabatullah Shareef and Masjid-e- Nabawi and make dua for all my relatives went in the graves and inshallah every one will be in Jannah on the day of judgement(Inshallah).
    Just Pray for me to be a daee and spent most of my time in path of Allah and with Mashaikh.
    Habib U. Khan

  16. at what age umrah is accepted in Islam

  17. @Sam: The moment your deeds begin to get recorded. That means, its approximately 12 years of age, that is when a boy or girl attains proper senses. However, depending on place, and other conditions, one may mature at an early age too. So if you see that a boy or girl has attained enough senses, then he or she is eligible.

    Generally this happens between 10 to 12 years of age.

    Allah knows better

  18. Janab Imran sahib mabrook to you for your first Umrah…Inshallah you will have more opportunities in future…
    Mabrook again..

  19. Salam . .M 4rm pakistan.. heartiest congrats for performing ur 1st umrah. . . may Allah acept it !! me n my parents r vry much fond ov performing hajj n umrah but becuz ov financial circumstances v cnt do so.. may Almighty bless us n may HE call me n my parents soon to the most secred place on dix earth. ur blog haz really touched my heart n u made me cry . . may Almighty Allah forgive my all sinz that i hv dun intentionaly or unintentionaly….i dnt wnt anythng else…!! its my request to u tat rem me in ur prayrz . . . tcz

  20. As salaamu alaikum mashaallah your blog is nice I need
    your umrah story im doing a book if your interested email
    me your information if your interested. Ma asalaam jawaad

  21. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your first Umrah. i too completed my first Umrah in December 2010. I accepted Islam a month before in nov. there is nothing like kaba on this earth.

  22. Brother Imran Ali,

    Which tour/bus service have you availed as it seemed to drop you in Makkah faster than other bus operators . Can you provide the details about bus service?

    Thank you.

  23. Assalam alaikum Brother Ali

    Thank you for posting your experience, I have been wanting to perform Umrah for quite some time but havent really taken a practical step, In Sha Allah I plan to perform my Umrah a.s.a.p.
    reading your article made me feel a sense of peace and really eager to experience the spiritual journey and the benefits of performing Umrah.
    I hope In Sha Allah you perform your Hajj and may Allah accept your Hajj Brother.
    Jazak Allah khair for the article.

    All praise to Allah.

  24. ماشاء الله . الله يتقبّل منك أعمالك وأعمالنا ,
    أحببت مقالتك كثيرًا . ثبتنا يالله على دينك _(

  25. Very nice article depicting the soul of true muslim really love your writing I am also planning to go for Umrah this year and hope this journey will be very amazing for me

  26. very nice post thanks for such an informative article I am also planning for Umrah this year hope this article will be very helpful for me during the journey

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