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Nullifiers of Islam Text (Matn) Eng-Arab

Nawaaqid Al-Islam – Nullifiers of Islam is an excellent book authored by the Noble Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhaab.

The Nullifiers of Islam – like many of the writings of al-Imaam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab (rahimahu-llah) – though small in size, is great in benefit. It’s subject is of the utmost importance to each and every Muslim: i.e. those matters, whether speech, action or beliefs, which cause someone to go out of the fold of Islam [after having entered it].

The author has only listed ten of those things which nullify someone’s Islam, focusing upon those which are the most dangerous and those which most commonly occur.

Download the PDF of Nullifiers of Islam Text (Matn) Eng-Arab by clicking the below image:


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