Qari Sheikh Idrees Abkar – Short Biography

Idress Abkar, a well known name in the world of Quran recitation, is a qari you must learn about. His recitations are listened to around the world and they come among some of the world’s best Quranic recitations. His duas are also very famous and most viewed online.

His Birth & Studies

Sheikh Idrees Abkar was born in 1975 (1395 Hijri), in the city of Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He started studying Quran from an early age of eight years in Masjid-ut-Tawheed. Later at the age of 13 years, he joined the memorization circles in Masjid ul Fatini and completed hifz-ul-Qur’an (memorizing) within 4 years. He was later leading prayer in the same masjid for the next three years.

Idrees Muhammad Abkar studied from many good mashaykh. Some of his mashaykh are:

– Shaikh Yusuf Al Ahmady

– Shaikh Abdul Wahab Al-Ahmady

– Shaikh Odah Al-Zahery

– Shaikh Abdullah Al-Qarny

– Shaikh Hady Said.

Sheikh always mentions about the help and support he received from his teachers throughout his learning. (May Allah grant them the best reward in this duniya and akhirah).

His work as Imam

Qari Idrees Abkar was appointed as the Imaam to lead prayers in some of the Masajids of Jeddah like:

– Masjid Al-Fatami

– Masjid Ibn-Taymiyyah

– Masjid Al-Qahateen

– Masjid of Osiad Ibn Alhadeer

– Masjid Ibn Alqaiem

– Masjid Seliem al Haraby

– Masjid Bagaber.

Currently, he is the Imaam of Sheikh Zayed Grand Masjid in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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