Zakir Naik on NDTV talk show – A Review

The moment i heard Dr. Zakir Naik is taking part in the NDTV talk show “we the people”, I made myself available to see how this time Barkha dutt is going to sideline the arguments of a renowned personality. Well i forgot that there is a level of dishonesty from her side using which she can sideline just anyone. As expected, he was not given enough chance to speak and the focus was completely on Shahrukh khan of Bollywood. Not just that, second person who got the chance to speak more was Karan Johar!

Anyways, Here is my little analysis:

Let’s begin from the right side of the screen.

Kabir khan: This fellow seems to be a result of too much pestering by his parents on following Islam, without actually having explained to him why he is required to follow it. Guess he never knew why and what Islam is all about. He appears to be apologetic and wants to run away from real Islam! He was actively using the word “moderate Muslims”, referring to himself and people alike. But the moment Dr. Zakir Naik said that there is nothing called liberal,moderate, or extremists Muslims and instead there is only practicing or non practicing Muslims, this guy changes his word and retracts suddenly saying “the so-called Muslims”. He knew he cannot speak Garbage about Islam in front of Dr Naik or Moulana Madani.

Moulana Mahmoud Madani: I found him quite an interesting person with proper intelligence in handling such situations. He too, like Zakir Naik, got very less time to respond. So he did not go for any explanations and simply used humor and pushed the ball to others. However, he did raise good question on stereotyping a Muslim with a beard as against Non bearded Muslim.

Alyque Padamsee:
This person renounced religion and is, correct me if i am wrong, an atheist. But he does speak a lot in favor of Islamic scholars who actively denounce killing of innocents. He also appreciated the stance taken by scholars in denouncing terrorism. Since this guy doesn’t believe in any religion, he has nothing to lose! (Ahem! I mean in this show :-))

Karan Johar: Being a Non Muslim, he did proper analysis and was sincere and fair in his statements. He did raise fingers on those educated people who try to take anti-Muslim stance. He also stated that the reason he took up the project of making films depicting Islam to be opposite of what is portrayed by western media is because of an incident where 6 Non Muslim educated graduates were talking crap and wrong about Islam and that he wanted to correct this ideology which might be amongst millions of people around the world after watching western media. He also frankly spoke about the Hijab problems, the restriction of personal freedom, the issue of personal choice and about attaching religion to evil acts. In reality, he spoke better on behalf of Islam than the Ghalib fan, Najib Jung!

Shahrukh Khan: He is far superior to all others sitting in on the center stage in handling such Media based dialogues that requires special skills of answering in just one or two sentences. Shahrukh has been speaking about him being Muslim and how proud he is to follow Islam in many of his talks lately. His ignorance of Islam oozes out when he  emphasizes on feeling Islam than following it.  But he does agree to the fact that he lacks knowledge on Islam and that was really brave in accepting. This shows that the person is sincere and ready to learn the truth. Although some of his statements also showed signs of kufr, but yet, ignorance of knowledge could be the reason.  He also adds that he is a bad follower of Islam and that his film acting is against Islamic rules. This shows that at least (maybe) he is beginning to learn about Islam now. He also said that Islamic scholars are very important for true understanding of Islam. He talks about scholars being specialists in Islam. I would rather prefer taking a positive stance on him, with a hope that Allah will one day give him complete Hidayah and bring him into complete Islam. But all in all, what i like about this person is that he publicly says he is proud to be a Muslim. He just needs to learn the proper Islam to strengthen his stance on this.

But in order for my readers to understand, i would like to clear what Kufr is. As far as the teachings of Islam are concerned, Kufr is a serious matter. A belief of this kind takes people out of the fold of Islam entirely. There is no room for any kind of Kufr in Islam.  Unless a person stops committing Kufr, he cannot call himself a Muslim because Muslims belief (i.e. Imaan) and kufr don’t go hand in hand, they are rather two opposites. A person can either be a Muslim or be a Non Muslim. There is no role in between these two called half Muslim and half Non Muslim.

An appeal to his Muslim fans: You may consider him good actor, nice person, good intellect and your favorite personality, but don’t make the mistake of learning Islam currently from him. He is yet to learn a lot about the basic fundamentals about Islam. He needs to know the true Islam and simultaneously denounce Kufr. Anyone who agrees with the Kufr that he speaks, has himself fallen into Kufr. Take my 2 cents, Becoming fans of personalities like Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) or his companions will be worthwhile in this life and in hereafter. Also if we really love Shahrukh Khan, then let us make an effort in bringing him into the real Islam. The Islam that is taught by Quran and Sunnah and not the Islam of celebrities. Shahrukh is intelligent and polite person. I don’t think that he would say ‘NO” if you walk up to him and request for sometime to speak about Islam. I don’t know if this would happen, but inshallah, if i get an opportunity, i will surely present the correct Islam to Shahrukh.

and if ever Shahrukh Khan happens to read this article of mine, i only appeal to him to give us a meeting appointment so that we get a chance to present the true Islam to him. Surely much better life awaits us in the hereafter than the life of this world.

If you really want to be a fan of a person who comes on TV and Videos, then a million times better hero than Shahrukh Khan was sitting on the center stage who was ignored by the Media; That was Dr. Zakir Naik! :-)

We can only pray to Allah to give Shahrukh Khan hidayah and get him to the true path of Islam. And if someone has the means to reach him to do Da’wah, call us up!

Note: For those of my readers who don’t understand what Kufr is, please check it out here: KUFR

Soha Ali khan: This lady had no clue why she was sitting there. Looks like she owed to NDTV or else why would NDTV punish her by making her sit in the show? :-) This woman has no idea what Islam is nor does she know what faith is. She says her religion is a personal matter with God. Gosh! such a pathetic argument of the past. It’s no use talking about her role in the show.

Dr. Zakir Naik: He needs to understand that such shows are meant to just punch each others argument with a single liner. One cannot try to explain big concepts in just few seconds. Although his statements were bold, huge and true; too much of noise pollution sidelined them to some extent. To top this, Burkha dutt as expected did not give fair time to Dr Zakir naik. This was clearly evident.

But hold on, that’s Zakir naik :-) ! He just doesn’t walk away without really sparking a thought process in people’s mind irrespective of how much time he is given. And as i thought, he did the same. If you carefully observe his statements, they tickled the brain of the viewers who would later go and check its authenticity. He knew there were millions of people watching the show (including viewers who don’t watch Peace TV) and he took this as a golden opportunity to ignite the spark of re-investigating the 911 attack, which was the origin of this entire concept of Terrorism and Muslims getting stereotyped.

He cleared informed there were 75  DVDs released of top American analysts and professors who proved that 911 was inside job. He also quoted two site names before Burkha Dutt cut him off. He quoted (and one more site name which slipped my mind). People would surely go back and check these and hence find out the truth for themselves. So even though time given to him was not fair, he completed his job. He made the following punching lines:

  • There is nothing called moderate or liberal Muslim. There is only Practicing Muslim, Partially practicing Muslim and Non Practicing Muslim.
  • It is a duty of a Muslim to tell others about the truth of Islam.
  • Blaming Osama bin laden or Taliban to be Terrorists based on CNN and BBC versions is wrong and unfair. It is important to give fair hearing to such allegations and check the truth before blaming someone to be terrorists. The videos shown are nothing but morphed which generally Media is good at.
  • 911 was an inside job and cannot be performed by Arabs.
  • Physical appearance (beard, cap etc) do not come under 70 major sins of Islam. So there are more important things over and above the physical appearance in Islam. But to follow complete Islam, physical look is important.

These statements were more than enough to make people think twice about their stance. Shahrukh himself was carefully listening to these arguments and looked impressed. (That’s my observation, maybe i am wrong :-) ).

Also he boldly spoke out the truth, without fearing anyone unlike others. His confidence showed his trust on Allah and how he can go to any limit to speak the truth without fearing anything.

All in all, Zakir naik completed his Dawah to all the viewers of NDTV! May Allah preserve him!

Najeeb Jung: This person looked like one of those who everyone in the show were referring as “Lunatic Fringe”! Well actually this word was being used by all the “so called” Muslims on the center stage (except Dr. Naik and Moulana Madani) for the scholars of Islam. But in reality, all of them were a part of that “Lunatic Fringe” team. The guy sounded more like a Zionist than a Muslim. Well what can i comment on him, lets leave him to his own person.

The best part was when a bearded elderly man (Dr. Shoeb, ain’t that you ;-) ), asked if Islam has multiple definitions or just one definition from Quran and Sunnah. He raised this question whenever every “moderate” Muslim on the center stage were giving their version of definition of Islam. One said, you must feel Islam; while another one said you must not show Islam, while the third one said “Islam is my private matter with God”! LOL :-)

Conclusion of this show:

  • Shahrukh and karan were given more time compared to others as if only they represent Islam.
  • The show disrespected such eminent personalities of Muslim world like Dr. Zakir Naik and Moulana Mahmoud Madani by not allowing them to speak about the topic.
  • Barkha Dutt once again showed her biasness towards wanting Muslims to give up their real Islam and adopt the so called modern Islam. She mercilessly called the scholars of Islam as “Lunatics” and kept on giving opportunity to those who would speak against the real Islam. The whole show looked like a pre-planned setup and not a natural debate.

We expect better show quality from NDTV and fair anchor-ship from Barkha Dutt!

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